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Roy Nielsen

Congratulations! I sat and passed the exam yesterday morning (first time). I was so glad that the "Congratulations" was right there at the start of the printout and easy to find. After that gruelling session, I would have had a hard time reading much further.


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   1. I passed - my experience (Theresa Fichtner)


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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 07:15:41 -0800
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Subject: [CCCure CISSP] I passed - my experience
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.        The proctor sent me out to the main area (after a palm scan) where
"Bob" handed me a piece of paper fresh off the printer. It was upside down.
A bad omen to me. I turned it over looking to see what areas I was deficient
in and saw the word "Congratulations." I was in shock. I read the letter
again. Bob seemed concerned. Is everything okay? I looked at him and said "I
passed!" With shaking hands I got my stuff out of my locker and headed out
to my car. I started crying. It had been such an intense period the last few
weeks. I got in my car and called two of my sisters and a close friend. I
think they thought I had failed but were excited to learn I had passed.


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