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[CCCure CISSP] Q10April-13 Some cccure Quiz question doubts

Amlan Deb
Hi guys,
I have some doubts regarding some cccure Quiz questions and concepts mentioned below. Would really appreciate it if you could take out some time and help me with them.


1.     Question: 1122 | Difficulty: 4/5 | Relevancy: 3/3

Which of the following is not provided by a public key infrastructure (PKI)?

o      Access control

o      Integrity

o      Authentication

o     Reliability

You did not provide any answer to this question. Please review details below.

A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) provides confidentiality, access control, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation. It does not provide reliability.

Source: TIPTON, Hal, (ISC)2, Introduction to the CISSP Exam presentation. Available at http://www.cccure.org.

Contributor: Christian Vezina


My doubt:  Please explain with example if possible how IPSEC provides access-control?


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