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[CCCure CISSP] Is TCSEC still on the exam as a subject

Clement Dupuis
Good day,

This is a very good question.   One that many people are told mistakenly not to worry about.

The TCSEC rating are still part of the CBK.   The latest ISC2 book (3rd Edition) has three pages covering the TCSEC rating (page 948-950).   the subject is certainly still in there.

Now I do not want to scare you off.   It is very common that people will not get a single question about this topic and all of a sudden someone else may have one or a few questions on it.   When you get a score of 698 this is the one question that may allow you to pass your exam.   Do study them.

For your convenience I have uploaded my one page resume of the TCSEC at the following URL:


You mostly have to understand what the TCSEC are at very high level and mostly what is being introduced at each of the levels of TCSEC.

Best regards and best of luck with your studies


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On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 6:47 PM, a student of cccure wrote:
Mr. Dupuis,

I am currently studying the Security Architecture and Design domain.
I have had several co-workers tell me that I should not spend too much
time on the Orange Book as it is no longer used.  Based on your
knowledge, is that true? Should I focus my time elsewhere?

Your guidance is greatly appreciated.


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